Two Salads – Splitsville, Downtown Disney

This dining experience took place on June 8, 2014

We often walk to Downtown Disney, and let me tell you this year… May and June have been hotter than usual and stopping at Splitsville at the outside bar for a cold beer and a cool bite to eat has been very attractive!

So, on this hot sunny Sunday… we both ordered a salad. We were really craving something cold and crunchy and not too heavy (after all, we have to walk back home when we’re done!).

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

Nick got the Turkey BLT salad again, this time the components weren’t as thoroughly chopped as before – especially the turkey… It was rather chunky and a bit difficult to eat in small tastes.

Splitsville Turkey BLT Salad

Splitsville Turkey BLT Salad – looks good!

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

see it’s just a stack of turkey that’s been cut, not chopped and scattered or placed on top (it’s all stuck together)

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

the tomato was much better this time, the bacon wasn’t piled on quite as much

avocado was tasty!

avocado was tasty!

The Turkey BLT Salad comes with Ranch Dressing on the side – and it’s pretty doggoned good ranch dressing too (tastes freshly made, not like bottled Hidden Valley or Kraft). Nick usually eats his salads with very little dressing. The lettuce was crispy and this was rather refreshing on a hot day.

I ordered the Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad with dressing on the side and some jalapeños on the side.

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

all components were flavorful, the chicken was moist and the dressing was very good! Very very good!

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

I would have liked more tomatoes, I gave Nick the pumpernickel croutons (I don’t do pumpernickel or rye bread… allergies)… the parmesan shavings were particularly flavorful

#SplitsvilleORL Salads 08JUN2014

good salad, I enjoyed it quite a bit…

We were both pleased with our salads, we were both surprised at how good the caesar dressing was (very good), and they were good choices on a hot day… and I’d happily eat either of them again!

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