Lisa & Andy visit Spice Road Table for the first time (and of course, we’re there too!)

This experience took place on Sunday, May 18, 2014

Today, we’re joined by our friends Lisa & Andy! We thought it would be nice to have some fresh baguettes from Les Halles in the France Pavilion to go with all of our yummy food…

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 01

we brought our own fresh baguettes (oh oh)

No worries, Nada took them to the kitchen and soon they reappeared on our table cut and ready to eat.

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 05

fresh baguettes, I’m ready for some food and olive oil!

As we often do, we ordered the hummus and olives – everyone thought they were very good (as you can see in the photo below). I had the Queen of Hearts White and Nick had an Estrella Damm. Andy had the Condeza Delaganza Red and Lisa had a glass of Ouzo.

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 06

uh, the hummus and olives were devoured

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 07

Mussels Tagine

Three of us wanted the mussels – Lisa can’t eat bivalves and we learned from the Chef that all of the seafood is cleaned in the same area – so if someone has an allergy to bivalves, they can’t eat shrimp at Spice Road Table (the obverse is also true).

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 08

Lisa had the Chicken Harissa Roll

I’m ready to eat with my hands, that knife and fork are just for show!

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 09

fresh baguette and mussels (been day dreaming about this since our second visit to Spice Road Table – our moroccan friends use baguettes as eating utensils)

Other food was also consumed with gusto…

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 10

stuffed grape leaves


#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 11

spicy shrimp with dried chiles and brown bread

Andy ordered Baklava for Dessert

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 12

these were quite good, I especially like the variety on the upper right with large pieces of nuts

We finally got a photo of Nada! If you were around Epcot this past year, you probably saw her standing outside of Spice Road Table regardless of the weather. She always greeted us with a smile and light conversation.

She went back to Morocco in early September – and we miss her. We’re hopeful that she’ll find her way back at some point and we’ll be able to greet her with smiles as large as her own.

#spiceroadtable 18MAY2014 - 03



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