Ahi Tuna Salad – Splitsville, Downtown Disney

This experience took place on Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Ahi Tuna Salad at Splitsville had captured my attention a while back, we both really enjoy seared ahi tuna and avocado and mixed dark greens…

#splitsville Ahi Tuna 08MAY2014 - 1

This was very good. Definitely a “do again” for the two of us (we both preferred over the Turkey BLT Salad that Nick had – truthfully, we liked the sound of both of these and I picked first).

#splitsville Ahi Tuna 08MAY2014 - 2
The dark greens were lightly dressed.

The tuna and avocado were simply presented.

We did use some low sodium soy sauce for added umami and to up the “sashimi quotient”… I mixed it with a little bit of the sauce served with the salad (I found the sauce to be overly sweet on its own).

#splitsville Ahi Tuna 08MAY2014 - 3

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