Breakfast at The Wave – two visits

We went to The Wave at the Contemporary Resort twice in less than a week. It really has become our go-to for breakfast (well heck, we tried calling to get into Kouzzina by Cat Cora for breakfast and were told that the only table was at 10:30 (that ain’t breakfast, that’s brunch!) and when we’ve “dropped in” at Kouzzina (recommended by the reservationist when we called) even though the place is half empty they usually say it’s a 45 minute to hour wait – BAH HUMBUG)…

Anyway, back to The Wave… Remember that we had found a favorite server there? Ashley? Well, she’s been away on maternity  leave (congratulations! baby boy a few weeks ago) – so we’ve been trying new servers (with the help of the hostesses, they’ve been very accommodating in suggesting other servers)… one day we had Jodi and the other day we had Mary. They both were friendly and attentive . Jodi was particularly informative re: Tables in Wonderland and Mary seemed to be really observant even though she was swamped.

So, we each had the same thing both visits. I don’t mean that we ate the same breakfast (ha ha ha) but that Nick had the same thing both mornings and I had the same thing both mornings (wow, that was some convoluted sentence structure!).

Nick had the scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato, feta cheese (only egg whites please), substitute grits with cheese and bacon for the breakfast potatoes, substitute an english muffin for the toast. On our first visit, everything was seasoned appropriately (no need for salt) and the grits were absolutely fabulous. The second time around, the grits needed salt and the muffin was barely toasted (sigh).

Nick's breakfast - less than a week later, Sandy joined him and had cheese and bacon on her grits (Harry went with the standard eggs feta tomatoes)

Photo of Nick’s favorite breakfast at The Wave (circa October 2013)

I had the egg white frittata – egg whites, hash browns, onions, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, served with chicken sausage and whole grain toast.

Egg White Fritatta in February 2014 - best yet

Egg White Fritatta in February 2014 – best yet

This was the best yet, seasoned appropriately, the cheese was nicely browned and not heavy handed. This was excellent, savory and filling, a lovely breakfast.

When we went back a few days later, my egg white frittata looked like it did before Christmas… a bit too much cheese. And like Nick’s breakfast, it wasn’t seasoned well (if at all), I had to grab  the salt shaker. However, the sausages were a bit more well cooked which I liked (the photo below is a old one, I didn’t take a photo of the particular breakfast I’m describing).

My breakfast

My breakfast

So, our first recent visit – the food was great, the restaurant was pretty crowded for a weekday morning (it was after the  Royal Family 5K and the place was full of runners), Jodi did a very good job (in fact, we asked for her when we returned a few days later)

And, on our second recent visit – the food was good but not as great, the restaurant was really crowded for a weekday morning, it was VERY LOUD (I think there were some abnormally loud people in there and everyone else just talked louder and louder to be heard – plus we heard lots of noise from the kitchen (unusual) including dishes being dropped), Mary did a very good job

Oh! I almost forgot the story about Mary being observant… She stopped by to see if everything was okay (the decaf coffee was REALLY weak) and she noticed that Nick glanced down at his coffee cup before he looked up at her, without missing a beat she asked “is the coffee okay?” – when Nick told her that “actually, it’s pretty weak” she said “oh, I’ll go make you some more that’s stronger”… She brought out a press-pot of decaf coffee… It definitely wasn’t weak!

Press Pot Coffee

Press Pot Coffee

All in all, The Wave continues to stand out with more positives than negatives – especially with regards to service! The only time that I can recall really bad service… During the Tables in Wonderland Unibroue Pairing Dinner! And that was mostly due to the Chef pretty much blowing us off when we complained about the sous vide filet being dried out.

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