Kimono’s Sushi Bar – an accidental Valentine’s Dinner

We try to go out to dinner on Friday evenings… usually nothing extreme, drinks and a few nibbles or a light dinner… usually at the Swan and Dolphin Resorts. Well, this year, Valentine’s Day was on a Friday and we found ourselves at Kimono’s Sushi Bar… We haven’t been here in a long while and thought that you, our dear readers, would enjoy a vicarious visit…

We had met Travis (bartender at Kimono’s) during the holiday season when he was subbing at bluezoo lounge and he had said repeatedly “come see me at Kimono’s” … so we did. We were able to walk right in to Kimono’s and grab a seat at the bar in the back (now, keep in mind that although this was Valentine’s Day AND a Friday, it was a bit early in the evening for a lot of people… after 6:00 and before 7:00).

We’ve been trying more craft beers lately, and so we asked Travis what was on offer (after we picked one or two from the menu and were told that they weren’t available)… Travis had at least one bottle of two beers from Hatachino Nest…

Kimono's Sushi Bar for Valentine's Dinner 2014 - 1

Hitachino Nest – Weizen (Wheat beer)

Kimono's Sushi Bar for Valentine's Dinner 2014 - 3

definitely a wheat beer

Hitachino Classic Ale

Hitachino Classic Ale

the classic ale was a bit darker than the wheat beer

the classic ale was a bit darker than the wheat beer

The wiezen was definitely a wheat beer… fit right into the flavor profile and nose. Not bad, but we aren’t typically huge fans of wheat beers. The classic ale was quite bitter (nick) and I thought that the flavor was pretty different from my expectations. These were both good, but not OMG AMAZING!

We ordered the Kimchee Salad (octopus, slivers of a slightly spicy red pepper, and spring garlic) – this didn’t look at all like kimchee. It was nicely spiced and quite crispy, even thought it was more of a seaweed salad than a cabbage salad. Nick preferred the dressing on this salad with the salmon sashimi over the octopus. We also ordered a variety of sashimi – tuna, salmon, grouper, mackerel, squid (for nora) and octopus (for nick).

Kimchee Salad

Kimchee Salad

Kimono's Sushi Bar for Valentine's Dinner 2014 - 5

(left to right) grouper, tuna, mackerel, squid, salmon, octopus

The salmon sashimi was perfect! Smooth, creamy, buttery.

The mackerel and grouper were outside of our usual sashimi or sushi order – they were both excellent.

The sashimi was so good that we ordered more.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening at Kimono’s – one of the things that we enjoy about going to the restaurants at the Swan and Dolphin Resorts, even when things are crazy busy around Walt Disney World, these resorts seem to be a bit calmer and quieter. I’m sure that we’ll be back to Kimono’s – maybe with friends in tow 🙂



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