Let’s take a look at past holidays – Swan & Dolphin Resorts

Last year, Nick gave us three posts specifically about the decorations at the Swan & Dolphin Resorts…

The Dolphin Resort 2012 (this year, the installation of the train set was delayed by an ESPN MLB event that took place at the resorts, the lobby area of the Dolphin was used as a stage set for broadcasting)…

2012 Holiday Decorations - Dolphin Resort - Walt Disney World - 09

The Swan Resort 2012 (their swans are always beautiful in a simple, restrained display)

2012 Holiday Decorations - Swan Resort - Walt Disney World - 10


2012 was the first year of the Swan & Dolphin Causeway display and Nick captured it wonderfully…

2012 Holiday Decorations - Causeway between Swan & Dolphin Resorts - Walt Disney World - 07


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