2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival – New Zealand Marketplace – Venison Sausage

The day of the huge group tour of food & wine – we split a Lamb Meatball with Spicy Tomato Chutney from the New Zealand Marketplace, it wasn’t any better than last year, and we each had our own Venison Sausage with Pickled Mushrooms, Baby Arugula & Black Currant Reduction, it was good enough to get again and review for you… (this was the same day we had a lamb chop with Harry that we didn’t review).

Venison Sausage

Venison Sausage

Nick really liked this sausage and I think it’s pretty good too. The black currant reduction was very sweet, too sweet given that the pickled mushrooms weren’t vinegary (or lemony or any other tart-y)… the pickled mushrooms were just kind of there. I like baby arugula but some of this wasn’t “baby” anymore (a bit tough). Overall, we liked the salad on the side (hey! it’s green vegetables! with vitamins and fiber! yay!), but it was very difficult to manage with a plastic fork.

interior shot

close up view

If this item is on the menu at Food & Wine again next year, I’m sure that we’ll be having it again. And for us, that a pretty resounding endorsement!

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