Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic 2013 – Food & Drink on the Causeway Friday & Saturday Nights

It’s been a couple of very busy weeks since the Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic… Here’s a slideshow of the Causeway (there are captions under the images)…

A few quick notes:

  • the food at this event is typically much better than the food found at the Marketplaces at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
  • the tuna tartare from the Todd English booth was amazingly good, as were the shrimp tacos
  • both evenings, the longest lasting lines were for the rock shrimp tacos (Todd English) and the trio of tacos (Picabu) – guess tacos are really popular
  • we sampled wines and beers – nick had more successful choices with beer than either of us did with wines (in particular: Highland Brewing Porter and Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale; but he liked the Breckenridge Swamp Head Vanilla Porter even more) – the wines were pretty unremarkable and only worth remembering so that we don’t order them in the future (the general consensus at our table, the reds all seemed “thin” – not in keeping with the wine that we had at Chef Cib’s Pasta Making Class)
  • we really enjoy this event and would love to be able to reserve a table when we’re with a group…. it gets to be a bit crazy with more than 2 people trying to run around and taste and photograph things (note: there are fewer photos this year, for the great media style photos, go to swandolphinfoodandwineclassic.com)

[portfolio_slideshow id=11201]

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