Not the post we promised…

… we have commitments that are taking up our time (starting this morning until Sunday evening)…

So, here’s really short run-down of our thoughts so far re: Epcot Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths:

We aren’t really that into them because

  1. We’re adventurous eaters and the offerings just seem to get more and more tame year after year
  2. We aren’t really impressed with the quality overall
  3. We typically don’t eat beef or carb-laden food – that cuts down on options
  4. Any seafood is nearly ALWAYS overcooked, really overcooked
  5. They aren’t really EXTRA WALT DISNEY WORLD MAGIC
  6. We aren’t a Disney World Food Blog… there are some good and some really great bloggers out there doing just that

We both went through the menus and made lists of “must have” and “sounds interesting” and then of course “no way in h*ll”

Last night, we went to the soft opening and tried four items that were on both of our “must have” lists… it was pretty sad. And of course, the two seafood items we had were overcooked.

So, now we have to be brutally honest and take another look at our lists before really tackling the Marketplace Booths. Guess it will keep us entertained in the car.

We’re sure to sample and review some offerings during the Festival, but we’re going to be pretty picky – I don’t want to “waste” calories.


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