Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Hump Day September 25, 2013



Walter is still walking up to the poolbar every Wednesday asking… “do you know what day it is?” So, I’m going to continue with the camel theme…

Asta and Sandy keep telling me that I need more photos of people. I think that this one of Walter makes him look like a porn star or something equally decrepit

Asta and Sandy keep telling me that I need more photos of people. I think that this one of Walter makes him look like a porn star or something equally decrepit. In truth, he’s a really sweet guy who’s a BIG reason for our migration to Orlando.

Since our last Hump Day Post, we’ve been busy (guess we’re ramping up the blogging for the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival … yay!)… To come later this week, a review of the changes to the lounge menu at bluezoo AND our plans for the Epcot Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths!

  • I continue the #2013eateachsandwich challenge with the Avocado BLT, the second offering in the “Royal Couple” pairing (it goes away in mid-October, before Harry & Sandy come to visit; hopefully, they’ll have released the next slate of seasonal specials by then :))
Avocado BLT Earl of Sandwich September 2013 - 3

Avocado BLT at Earl of Sandwich

  • On Friday night, we returned to bluezoo to take a taste of the new menu… Let us say, everything we’ve had so far is amazing. It’s also obvious from talking to Chef Ryan and Chef Bobby that there’s a lot of pride in the new menus, and well deserved pride (you can find Chef Ryan at @r_ratino and Chef Bobby at @BobbyGriffing on twitter, just saying you’re going to get some great food porn and some interesting tweets from these two) – hey! I’ve even added a category to the blog titled “bluezoo” (yes, we really like having bluezoo as our local bar and restaurant!)
Pork Belly @bluezoo Sep 20 2013

Pork Belly Appetizer on the new bluezoo menu

The entrance isn't very flashy. It fits in very well with the area.

The entrance isn’t very flashy. It fits in very well with the area.

So what have we been reading in the ether this week?

  • Well, a lot of the blogosphere has been compiling their “must-eats” lists for the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (ours will be published on Friday, the first day of the Festival)… here are a few…
    • Sarah at Eating WDW has a nice list (she goes around the World Showcase clockwise starting at Terra, if you’re interested in the layout, this is helpful) – we agree that Morocco has been a consistent disappointment, thankfully we can get good Moroccan food (occasionally) from Moroccans that we’ve come to know locally
    • Melissa & Danny from Hyperion Papers also present a thorough list (they go through the Marketplace booths alphabetically, why does this matter? I’m just curious as to how people organize information I guess!) – I love that Melissa uses a vinylmation to demonstrate the sizes of different portions, I don’t want to steal her idea, any suggestions for me?
    • It’s “All in WDW” has been doing a series of posts, where blog readers could vote on a top 25 list for the Festival… part one of the final list is here, there’s even a page of readers’ top 25 lists
  • Just because I’m an engineer (well, sometimes I claim it) and a geek…
    • Walt Disney Imagineering has been busy developing a new ride system, Disney By Mark has some great images (they are patent images and he has a link to the actual patent)
    • and I found a blog post that references Carnegie Mellon University (hello Kate in Pittsburgh!, no Kate doesn’t work at CMU but she does live in Pittsburgh) and development work on Disney’s robots, making them more human-like AND the possibility that we’re likely to see them roaming the theme parks in our lifetimes
      • of course, thinking about Carnegie Mellon and Disney World at the same time makes me think about Randy Pausch, if you haven’t heard of him you should really check out the book “The Last Lecture” and the youtube video – Randy was truly inspiring and he blending his love of technology with his love of imagineering – the subtitle of his last lecture “Really achieving your childhood dreams”… in a word “wow”

That’s it for this week,

Happy Hump Day Everyone,




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