Sanaa at Kidani Village – Bread Service and Salad Sampler

While out taking photos and enjoying the extra magic that comes with the holidays at Walt Disney World, nora and I sometimes forget to eat. We are never sure where we will be when, so we don’t make reservations. However, we often have excellent “small meals” … which is what we enjoy most, lots of small meals. One of the best small meals at Walt Disney World is the bread service and the salad sampler at Sanna – located at Kidani Village adjacent to Animal Kingdom Lodge. We recently enjoyed it again and wanted to share our impressions.

First you choose your breads:

On this visit to Sanaa, we chose onion kulcha, garlic ginger naan, and spiced naan (left to right).

Next you choose your accompaniments:

We chose garlic pickle (lower left proceeding clockwise), red chile sambal, and jalapeño lime pickle. The red chile sambal and garlic pickle have become standards for us; the jalapeno lime pickle was new… And man is it hot! And very, very good!

We also really enjoy Sanaa’s salad sampler which allows you three small portions:

We chose lentil salad, chickpeas with cucumber and tomato, and roasted beets (left to right). Nick’s favorite is the chickpea dish, while Nora is a bit gaga about the roasted beets. The salads are often served “too cold” to really enjoy the flavors, but these were spot on.

This is always such a good choice for us, it fills up the hungry without overfilling or weighing us down. Quite yummy… In addition to the jalapeño lime pickle being new, we don’t remember the garlic ginger naan or the spiced naan. All three of these were especially good.

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