Friday night at bluezoo’s lounge (again)

This past week we returned to bluezoo for a couple of hours in the lounge enjoying the Beu Sisters, a few drinks, and some good food…

Crispy Calamari with Cajun Remoulade Sauce

The calamari are a relatively recent addition to the bar snack menu. As fans of good calamari, we were eager to try it. The calamari are served with shallot rings and fried pickles (these turned out to be the pickled haricort verts found in a few other bar snack dishes); all of these were crispy and tasty, not greasy at all. The drawback to the dish, the cajun remoulade was too salty and (believe it or not) too plentiful. Perhaps next time, we’ll ask for the sauce on the side.

Close-up of the Calamari etc…

Nora began with a barrel aged manhattan (no surprise there) and nick with a burnt orange (no surprise there either). For her second drink, nora chose something new! The Smoking Sangria…

bluezoo’s smoking sangria

…made with fresh fruit and liquid nitrogen, this is pretty spectacular when brought to the table. AND it tastes quite nice too (Sandy would like this one).

At this point, we were fairly sure we were done… However, Chad surprised us with a selection of cheeses…

bluezoo cheese plate

Top to Bottom… Brie, Gruyere, and Blue Cheeses. Fried Walnuts are atop the fig reduction on the left and Candied Pepitas are in an arc in the lower right. The white “crumbs” are brown butter that has been crumbed with liquid nitrogen. The clear swirls are honey and the purple smear and the small dots in the lower left are grape reduction.

aged gruyere and fried walnuts

creamy brie

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