WDW Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic 2010 – Tastings

Who & What: Tastings of Food from the Swan & Dolphin Restaurants, including…

  • Todd English’s bluezoo
  • Shula’s Steak House
  • Il Mulino New York Tratorria
  • Kimono’s Sushi Bar
  • Cabana Bar & Beach Club
  • The Fountain
  • Delectable Desserts from Chef Laurent Braniard

When: Friday, October 8th 5:30-9:30 p.m.

Where: Causeway between the Dolphin and the Swan hotels

The Booths

food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-1Looking down the causeway towards the Swan
Chimay Trappiste Beer was directly across the causeway – we stopped here numerous times (small pours and many beers to taste)
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-12Preparing the tasting from Cabana Bar and Beach Club
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-4Valley of the Moon Vineyard (from today’s earlier culinary demonstration) had an unoaked Chardonnay, quite tasty
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-5Did not try the Malbec
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-6The Fountain was serving falfel balls – light, garlicy balls of great hummus with a crispy coating – these were SO MUCH BETTER than the falfel at Tangerine Cafe
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-7 Il Mulino was serving small meatball subs – okay, but not anything we’d run back to have again
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-8Kimono’s was serving Dragon sushi rolls (and they had quite a line for the first 2 hours)
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-9Ty-Ku had two sake drinks: lemon drop and a guava raspberry sangria (that’s Heidi from the All Things Sake! seminar in the foreground)
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-10Cocktails featuring a cucumber vodka
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-11This is only half the line for filets from Shula’s – Nick doesn’t have a wide angle lens (the line decreased dramatically around 7:30)

The Tastings

food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-13Cabana Bar & Beach Club was serving Tuna Nachos…
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-14… marinated sushi grade tuna, tortilla chip, sauce underneath … quite possibly our favorite of the evening … Nick says that if that was a larger, fresher tortilla chip with lime salt = HEAVEN
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-15Todd English’s bluezoo was serving shrimp cocktail shooters …
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-16… the top end has a lemon cream foam, you just sucked out the shrimp cocktail from that end, the cucumber at the other end acted as a stopper/plunger
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-18Kimono’s was serving Dragon sushi rolls & the sushi chefs were sure to have aching backs…
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-19… lovely gari and wasabi …
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-20… portion was decent, 2 slices of dragon roll & not skimpy on the gari … this was good for the venue (but not as good as made to order fresh sushi)
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-21The ladies at the dessert booth were consistently friendly and smiling…
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-22… gorgeous sugar sculpture decorated the desserts booth …
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-23… 3 samplings … strawberry lemon soup with angelfood cakelette (very good), ice cream sandwich (just eh), and caramel butterscotch something (good) …
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-24… 3 more samples … chocolate brownie (? eh), lemon guava creamy thing (very good), fresh raspberry macaron (excellent) …
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-25… close-up … the raspberries in this were very fresh and extremely flavorful, the macarons were crispy on the outside and moist/chewy on the inside (I haven’t been bit by the homemade macaron bug but I can see the temptation!)

The Music

food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-26The area under the Dolphin fountain was set up as a stage for three jazz groups — yes, that’s Deb Wills from allearsnet.com; Nora was very excited to meet Deb
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-27First jazz act of the evening…
food-wine-classic-oct-08-2010-28… last jazz act of the evening (we were sorry we’d arranged to leave at 8:30, these guys were GOOD)

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