Kill Refurb Marry – Epcot Pre-Shows


Well, this is my first round of “Kill Refurb Marry” – the topic today is Epcot Pre-Shows. This should be interesting because since we moved to Lake Buena Vista, we don’t really do the attractions at Walt Disney World.

Crap is gone from Spaceship Earth

So I asked Nick the question and we agreed on two categories: Refurb and Marry… But let’s start with which Epcot Pre-Shows we’d like to…


Nick’s Choice… Spaceship Earth! Now we know there isn’t really a pre show, but the chanting teenagers seem to think that they ARE the pre-show and they really get under his skin!

Spaceship Earth - 1

Nora’s Choice… Universe of Energy! Goodness knows that this needs an update BAD. It’s very outdated (have you seen Bill Nye and Ellen Degeneres lately?) and very boring – kill it, don’t just “fix” it (hope it turns out better than the new Test Track pre show).

Ellen's Energy Adventure.JPG

just one more photo, it contains Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy!

Moon, Spaceship Earth, Sculpture


We both chose Soarin’ because it’s borin’ … And what we’re talking about isn’t the safety video, we’re talking about the long hallway… I know you’re supposed to be in some kind of airport on your way to your flight, it just doesn’t cut it for us.

This isn't our photo (source =

This isn’t our photo (source =


This was super easy, VOICES OF LIBERTY!! Great show, fantastic singers, and emotional during the holidays (if you haven’t seen the 4th of July concert, it’s worth trudging around in the Florida heat and humidity for! and if you haven’t seen the Christmas concerts, shame on you!)

Voices of Liberty - 1

Thanks everyone!

Nora (& Nick)

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