Extra WDW Magic from around the Ether… Jan.15.2014

Today’s “around the Ether” is MOVIE-THEMED…

Mickey Mouse shorts…

  • Melissa from Hyperion Papers has links to “Dog Show” and “O Sole Minnie” (this blog post was quite a while back, I’ve just been waiting to share it) & she has links to “Sleepwalkin” (more recent blog post) – we met Melissa and Danny on their wedding trip to Walt Disney World, very nice people and very erudite regarding movies and films!
  • There are more Mickey Mouse shorts to be found on mickey.disney.com (Mickey has his own internet channel!), the newest one is called “Tapped Out”… Goofy volunteers Mickey to fight in a boxing match

snapshot from "Dog Show"

snapshot from “Dog Show” [© Disney]

Avatar & Avatarland at Animal Kingdom…

I’m not sure how I feel about this, well, to be more accurate, I have no distinct feelings about this – I hope that it brings an infusion of magic and wonderment to Animal Kingdom and not just more lines and more plush… That wouldn’t be very Extra WDW Magic :(. I do have really good memories of watching the movie – Asta had suggested that we make the effort to see it in IMAX 3D if at all possible AND Harry and Sally were visiting AND it was the last VERY COLD January in Orlando (2010)… so the four of us took a cab and headed down (or is that up) to Universal Theaters to watch Avatar in IMAX 3D. It was a great way to enjoy the day inside – score one because it was extremely cold and rainy. It was a great way to enjoy a movie – score two good to enjoy movies with friends. And, we enjoyed the movie way more than we expected – score three.

Anyway, after all the rumors and press releases, it looks like Avatar-land is going to really happen.

Okay, that’s enough for today EXCEPT…

We launched a new FlipBoard magazine this week “Food & Drink Swan & Dolphin Resort Walt Disney World” – we’ve become known as huge fans of bluezoo (that hasn’t changed) and now we’re branching out to try other places at these two lovely resorts

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