Epcot Decorations past and present

There are few changes in the main decorations at Epcot compared to previous years (see Nick’s 2012 post here).

The main tree had a leaning problem this year (a lot of large trees at Walt Disney World were leaning this year… Very odd). Not really noticeable in this photo… But truly, it’s leaning as though slightly inebriated.

2013 Christmas Tree Epcot - 1

Epcot’s feature Christmas tree

Nick got a really good photo with Spaceship Earth in the background and the feature tree in the foreground.

2013 Christmas Tree Epcot - 2

Lovely photo – so pretty you can almost ignore the heat 🙂

And one last photo of an Epcot resident enjoying the holidays …

Epcot 2013 Holiday ornament details - 03

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