Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2012 – Wrap Up

This year, we decided to “rate” the items from the tasting booths. In summary…

Australia Grilled Lamb Chop 9
South Africa Spinach & Paneer Pocket 8.5
Australia Wines 8
Japan Sake 7.5
China Mango Tapioca Pudding 7.5
South Korea Mung Bean Pancake with Shrimp 6.5
Singapore Seared Mahi Mahi 6
China Mongolian Beef Bun 6
Australia Lamington 6
Poland Tyskie Beer 5.5
Belgium Steamed Mussels 5
Singapore Singapore Sling 5
China Chicken Satay 5
New Zealand Lamb Meatball 5
Australia Shrimp on the Barbie 4.7
Poland Zapiekanki 4.5
Japan Karaage Hand Roll 4
Japan Sukiyaki Beef Pan 3.5
China Francis Ford Coppola Su Yuen Riesling 3.5
New Zealand Seared Scallop 3.5
Florida Local White Corn Arepa 2.5
Japan Spicy Hand Roll 1

Also, we created a list of “Best” and “Most Disappointing” for the Food & Wine Festival 2012…

  BEST Most Disappointing
Culinary Demo – non WDW Chef
including celebrity chefs
with restaurants at WDW
Kevin Dundon
Cat Cora
Culinary Demo – WDW Chef Fulton’s Crab House Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
Special Events Tequila Lunch (Mexico)
Sake & Food Pairing (Japan)
Italian Regional Lunch
Tasting Booths Australia
South Africa
New Zealand

Note: None of the beverage seminars stood out for anything in particular – we’re thinking about skipping these as a general rule in the future.

Note: For the last 3 years, the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic was a standout regarding food; much better showcasing of Chefs’ and food quality than the tasting booths around World Showcase. And, we look forward to the instructional courses they offer (here & here).

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