Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2014 – Buttercup Cottage Field Greens Salad

I think of this as Buttercup’s Salad, the actual description is a lot longer…

Field Greens with Plant City Strawberries, Toasted Almonds and Farmstead Stilton (sounds good, doesn’t it?)

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This item was made when Nick ordered it on a Monday evening (in other words, it wasn’t sitting around waiting for someone to come up and order it)…

The strawberries were quite red and had a strong strawberry scent, they were good, but not the OMG absolute best strawberry ever.

#buttercupcottage #strawberrysalad #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 2014 - 2The stilton cheese was okay, but the flavor wasn’t as strong as we expected it to be (not like a blue cheese or an irish Cashel blue cheese).

The slivered almonds were really difficult to eat with a plastic fork (uh, how were they thinking we’d eat some of these combinations?) and there wasn’t enough toast on them to give them much flavor punch… But the textural element was appreciated.

#buttercupcottage #strawberrysalad #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 2014 - 3The salad wasn’t over-dressed. Overall, it was nice and refreshing; nothing wrong with it, but not good enough to call it a do-again.

Okay, now we’ve sampled everything at the Buttercup Cottage, honestly, it isn’t as impressive as it was last year (and all of the items didn’t knock our socks off in 2013).



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