Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2014 – Urban Farm Eats Eggplant Scallop

Okay, we’d heard that the eggplant was “slimy” and that the spaghetti squash was “flavorless” – so of course, we had to give it a try. First of all, we eat roasted eggplant a few times a week (in our frittata for breakfast); and secondly, we eat spaghetti squash once a week when Nick makes sauce for it.

Land-Grown Eggplant “Scallop” with Romesco Sauce and Spaghetti Squash

Eggplant Scallop #urbaneats #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 22MAR2014 - 1

The egg plant wasn’t at all slimy. It was firm and tender at the same time. It was a bit salty, but not bad. It seems to be a thick (very thick) slice of a Japanese eggplant (they’re smaller in diameter and have fewer seeds).

The spaghetti squash was good by itself, but better with the romesco sauce.

The romesco sauce was slightly spicy and quite tasty. Nick was so impressed with it that he’s going to try to add some romesco flavors to his sauce this week.

Eggplant Scallop #urbaneats #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 22MAR2014 - 2Here you can see the purple skin of the eggplant.

This was MUCH better than we expected. I even stopped to ask the chef how they prepared the spaghetti squash because I sometimes have difficulty getting mine to really look like “spaghetti”… Overall, this was a hit with us.


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