Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian – Swedish Massage

It’s a bit difficult to write about spa experiences. I can tell you how my particular massage or whatever went with the particular therapist I had… Until I go back a couple of times to the same therapist at a few different spas, I can’t really say whether they’re any good compared to anyone else. Am I making sense?

However, I can talk some about the differences between the spas themselves …

The Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian is the newest spa at Walt Disney World. Now, we aren’t certain if it is an entirely new build or if it was a repurposing of the spa that was already there at the Grand.

The lobby area is much smaller and less “grand” than the Senses Spa at Saratoga Springs – and the other areas are much smaller and more cramped too.

There are 15 treatment rooms, and I’m pretty sure that there are at least that many women’s treatment rooms at the Mandara Spa at the Dolphin Resort and that there are more rooms at Saratoga Springs.

The women’s changing area was much smaller than Saratoga Springs and somewhat smaller than Mandara Spa. In fact, the changing area at the Grand Floridian Spa was downright cramped. I discovered after my treatment that the restrooms offered some space for changing but changing in the bathroom is not optimal in my mind.

The biggest thing that I kept going on and on about to Nick… The hallways were like a Victorian non-nightmarish version of the Haunted Mansion. Moulding, patterned wallpaper, sconces, dark, cramped, a bit claustrophobic.

I didn’t really enjoy the whole spa experience at the Grand Floridian Senses Spa. It’s kind of bad because there are so many more dining options in the immediate area than at Saratoga Springs (but I guess we can always go over to Downtown Disney for dinner after I get a massage).

Okay, I’ll tell you a little about the massage itself…

Now, the massage that I had was great in terms of having the knots in my upper back worked out. The massage therapist was friendly and downright happy to be doing her job (wow!). I enjoyed the session quite a bit.

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