Pop Century Resort – Christmas 2012

This will be the last Walt Disney World resort we bring to you this season. It was fun to visit so many resorts and be able to compare their decorations. We endeavored to share with you photos of the best that Walt Disney Resorts had to offer for the 2012 holidays.

Certainly the deluxe resorts have the most spectacular decorations. However as we saw yesterday at Art of Animation, there are decorations for most any taste. Pop Century also has holiday decorations that nora and I felt were worth sharing. Pop Century is connected to Art of Animation by a short bridge. The lobby and public areas are nearly identical in layout. But the decorations in the lobbies are very different. The white at Art of Animation is green at Pop Century.

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 01

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 02


There were fewer trees at Pop Century than at Art of Animation. However the one in the lobby children’s play area did catch my eye.

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 03


Why? If you look closely you’ll see this tree was done in a 60’s theme, including these groovy peace signs. 😉

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 04


The feature tree at Pop Century is located in same location as the one at Art of Animation, in the main lobby between doors that go from bus stop to pool area.

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 05


And yes, right at the entrance to “Everything Pop”…

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 06


Just outside the store, near the pool doors, was a very large wreath. I left two unknown guests in the photo so you can appreciate the size…

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 07


Inside “Everything Pop” the trees were identical to the ones found at Art of Animation.

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 08


Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 09


There are 3 very large round windows just behind the Pop Century bus stops. These windows are along the wall where additional seating has been added to the food court, “Everything Pop”. You know – the space which originally housed an inside bar at a value resort – “Classic Concoctions”. But I digress…

In these windows are our favorite Walt Disney Resort Christmas trees. Are you ready? No these are not “Charlie Brown Christmas trees” (which would work well at Pop Century – just wrong character). These are silver trees!

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 10


Candy cane stripes, red accents, Santa hats and Santa costumes. These trees rock!

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 11


Just one more please…

Pop Century Resort - Christmas 2012 - 12


With that, your Walt Disney World 2012 Christmas Resort tour is over… But the 2012 Walt Disney World holiday tour is not done. We still need to look at some other decorations at Walt Disney World. We are just done with the resorts – places where you find lots of extra magic throughout the year. Remember, we go beyond the typical day at the theme parks of Walt Disney World…


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