Lamb Slider, New Zealand – Epcot 2011 Food & Wine Festival

Lamb is not something you see offered at many American restaurants. However, it is always great to see it at the Australia and New Zealand booths during The Epcot Food & Wine Festival. This is as expected since lamb is a much more common dish in these countries. New Zealand went with a popular “style” of food this year by offering “sliders”. (Not that I think the whole slider thing has much life in it…maybe a fad – I can hope.) New Zealand offered Lamb Sliders with Tomato Chutney.


In a word, yuck. I didn’t take a photo after we cut this in half (I should have). I tossed it in the trash quickly… It was ground lamb but full of filler. There were two large white congealed lumps inside. The temperature of the ground patty was only warm at best. We each took a small bite and I almost spit mine in a napkin. It was not a seasoning issue. It was just ground meat and loads of filler with a horrible texture and mouth feel. Texture is an important part of enjoying food and I could not get past all the texture that the filler imparted to this lamb slider.

Stay away, stay very far away…



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