Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2014 – Lotus House Spring Pancake

Last year, we had the Spring Pancake twice… the first time, it was pretty “sorry” – the second time, it was improved.

Spring Pancake from Lotus House 2014 (with a side dabble of Srircha Sauce)

Spring Pancake from Lotus House 2014 (with a side dabble of Srircha Sauce)

So far in 2014, our reviews on this item are mixed…

  • the pancake wasn’t greasy as it had been on at least one occasion in 2013 (positive)
  • the hoisin sauce on the chicken was over applied, it was very sweet and didn’t cover up that the chicken thigh meat was pretty dried out and tough (negative)
  • there was no red pepper strips or green pepper strips (positive for us)
  • the green apple [granny smith] was crisp and added texture (positive)
  • the red onion slices were overpowering, I tasted them for hours, why weren’t spring onions used? (negative)
  • the lettuce was nicely shredded and provided needed texture (positive)

Overall, this was good for a quick snack when we needed one BUT it wasn’t something that we’re likely to have again…. It’s really pretty average and has a lot of potential to be more than that.

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