Lunch at Raglan Road on a Monday Afternoon

We recently had what I think of as our “big huge group for Food & Wine weekend!” Thankfully, the weekend ended and none were worse for wear…

On Monday, the six remaining (Big Al, Judy, Harry, Sandy, Nick and I) went to Raglan Road for lunch. There were a few items on the menu that were new to us, so Nick and I gave them a go. There was NO Smokie City (the waitress said they’d run out over the weekend) and the service was rather slow (especially considering that Raglan Road Pub was practically empty).

Gnocchi Sea Gnocchi Do

Gnocchi Sea Gnocchi Do

I ordered the Gnocchi Sea Gnocchi Do… The gnocchi were light and pillowy, they were also studded with something green (I couldn’t tell what it was). They were accompanied by roasted grape tomatoes, kale, scallops, and a nice creamy sauce. I didn’t intend to eat it all, but it was so light that before I knew it, my dish was empty. I’m not certain that I’d order it again… Maybe if I was just in the mood for pasta/gnocchi when we were visiting Raglan Road.

Pie of the Day - Chicken Mushroom

Pie of the Day – Chicken Mushroom

There’s been a chicken pie on the menu for quite a while now… this was billed as the Pie of the Day, Judy and Nick both ordered it. The white ceramic dish had mashed potato on the bottom, chicken & mushrooms & gravy in the center, and then it was all topped with puff pastry. There was a decent sized green salad (rocket) accompaniment. Nick enjoyed his, but it wasn’t as good as the pies that we ate in Northumbria this past summer. Judy was also pleased with her selection.

Two people in our group had the Pie of the Day (thus two photos)

Two people in our group had the Pie of the Day (thus two photos)

I think both of these dishes were more successful than our dinners the last time we were at Raglan Road. While we love Kevin Dundon’s cooking and the appetizers/salads/sandwiches from Raglan Road are go-to for us when we have visitors – Sandy in particular loves to go there for beer and nibbly-bits. I’m sure that we’ll be back – we’ve been eyeing the possibility of doing the Sunday Roast at some point when we have enough people up for a full Sunday dinner 🙂

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