Dinner at bluezoo, sitting in the bar booths

Last Tuesday, we drove over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get the skinny on the book signing by Marty Sklar that was taking place on Wednesday. Good thing that we did, no one in the Guest Services office even knew that there was a book signing going on and the manager of the bookstore gave me incorrect information.

As we managed to not get too overheated, nick drove us over to the Dolphin so that we could grab a cocktail and something to eat in the bluezoo bar (we didn’t want to sit in the restaurant because we had on “theme park” clothes & felt like that was inappropriate).

I’m sure you’ve already read about our two cocktails for the evening – yes, they were so yummy that I wanted to mention them again.

Chef Bobby noticed us sitting there when he came out to the front “kitchen” and came over to say hello and see how we were doing. That was very nice of him. A few minutes later, we looked up and saw him doing something at the flatbread oven. Hmmmm. That seems strange – oh well, maybe things aren’t too busy in the kitchen and he’s experimenting for the new menu (well, it was still pretty early and the dining room was basically deserted).

A little bit later he comes out to our table bearing FLATBREAD! This Truffle Mushroom Flatbread is a new menu item and rumor is that the new menu will go live sometime this week.

bluezoo menu changes September 2013 - 8

new Mushroom Flatbread

This flatbread has some serious umami. There are no tomatoes and no tomato sauce (Chef Bobby doesn’t like red pizza). The sauce was pureed mushrooms! I had guessed that it was a mushroom ketchup (seasoned pureed cooked mushrooms). There was a light sprinkling of cheese, lightly dressed greens, and nice meaty mushrooms on this flatbread. This was very, very good. It’s so tasty and filling that it would nearly work as dinner for the two of us.

This was  a nice surprise. Thank you, Chef Bobby!

We had started out with oysters and clams (our go to lately, low calorie and so fresh!). The Chef’s Special for the night sounded intriguing so… we split it.

Chef's Special - Alaskan Halibut, Clams, Pork Belly, and Vegan Cassoulet

Chef’s Special – Alaskan Halibut, Clams, Pork Belly, and Vegan Cassoulet garnished with basil oil and barley clam reduction

OMG! This was so good. I got confused for a moment and thought that this was another item on the new menu, but nick reminded me that it was the Chef’s Special. We don’t remember ever eating halibut before, but we know we’ll be eating it again! The crust on the fish was really just perfect. The flesh was meaty but delicate with a very nice chew. The clams are roasted (or baked or broiled, I’m not sure which… they’re cooked) with a garnish of pork belly and baby mustard greens. Chef Bobby told us that the Cassoulet (beans, potatoes, carrots, etc) is vegan… this is going to allow it to be offered to a wider range of guests.

Our comments (in my notes) were “I would eat this again! Me too!” We both REALLY enjoyed this dish (my mouth waters just thinking about it and that was a week ago!).

We were a bit sad when Chef Chris Windus left bluezoo, we become so accustomed to great food there that we were worried that the food would change for the worse. Our fears were unfounded, completely bogus. Chef Ryan Ratino is still there (and still doing a great job) and Chef Bobby’s changes are all delicious so far.

Thank you Chad, Chef Bobby, Erin, Gary, Monique, and Miriam!

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