New Drinks at bluezoo

The new drinks menu at bluezoo was released on Monday, September 9th… We happened to drop in on Tuesday, September 10th… So of course, we sampled a couple of the new cocktails (more on that in a minute).

Surprise! New cocktails at bluezoo!

Surprise! New cocktails at bluezoo!

Here are the additions to the CLASSICALLY INSPIRED Cocktails (sorry, I can’t remember what’s been removed)

bluezoo menu changes September 2013 - 1

The Rob Roy is another of Chad’s barrel-aged cocktails. We sampled this a couple of weeks back. Quite tasty (well yeah), don’t know if it will replace the barrel-aged Manhattan for us but it might.

bluezoo menu changes September 2013 - 2

We’d never heard of “Bee’s Knees” as a cocktail before (yes, we’re familiar with the phrase “you’re the bees’ knees”). This was nick’s choice on Tuesday night.

to quote "Oh My! Whiskey & honey on steroids. This is Yummmeee! Uh Oh this has the potential to be a fast drink!"

to quote “Oh My! Whiskey & honey on steroids. This is Yummmeee! Uh Oh this has the potential to be a fast drink!” – note: the pink tones are coming from the light, it isn’t pink at all

This was delicious. The texture honey foam on top was smooth and creamy, almost like a marshmallow cream foam would be (close you eyes and imagine marshmallow cream that’s been whipped in a mixer for a good long time). The flavor was pure honey. You could tell that the cocktail itself contained alcohol but there wasn’t much “gin-ness” to it. This was delightful. So, what do we mean by “this had the potential to be a fast drink”??? It goes down so smoothly that it would be very easy to drink 3 or 4 in quick succession and then have a bit of trouble standing up! It will also make an excellent dessert on some future visit.

And the two new additions to the CONTEMPORARY COCKTAILS are…

bluezoo menu changes September 2013 - 4

This is the single one that we haven’t tried yet. It looks like a lovely winter cocktail – frankly, it was just too darned hot to consider a hot toddy last week (90+ deg F).

bluezoo menu changes September 2013 - 3

You may know by now that I am a lover of tequila (not all tequilas though!) and a sometimes drinker of mezcal cocktails… so this was right up my alley!

One Night in Mexico

One Night in Mexico – first taste notes “very interesting, herbal, different, this is a slow drink”

This started out as “interesting” and as the evening progressed became more and more delicious. We loved the crushed ice pellets (think crunchy ice if you’re from the South). Surprisingly, I made this last for nearly 1 and 1/2 hours (oh my goodness). It was my only cocktail of the evening. I think that the flavors might be surprising to some, it was actually herbal and sweet to start and the melting ice diluted it perfectly.

Although I think that the food-police will get after me for using the word “delicious” so often in this blog post – that’s truly the best word to describe these creations. They both have “food” elements in addition to the “alcohol” elements. Chad has educated us yet again in the art of cocktails.

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