Anticipation… The Sake & Food Pairing at Tokyo Dining – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2013

We were able to book all of the special events that we wanted, excepting one…

(the new Spirits Confidential Reserved Seating – the event is only offered one night during the festival, it’s brand new, and all of the reserved seats were sold out while I was on hold last week)…

One event that we debated doing twice, because we enjoy it so much each year, is the Sake & Food Pairing at Tokyo Dining (Japan Pavilion)… we eventually decided to sign up for one of these, partly because it’s on a Thursday and we have a prior regular commitment every Thursday afternoon

(we’d probably be enticed to add another Thursday if there was another couple who wanted to go with us – it’s more fun with others)

Sake Pairing Lunch Japan Pavillion 2012 Food & Wine - 07


Each year there has been a different theme:

In the past we’ve had some lovely things to eat…


Gyu Tataki Salad (wasabi soy marinated beef tenderloin, lightly seared, thinly sliced and tossed with cucumber threads – served over wasabi-soy whipped cream) 2010


Duck Breast Laced with a Red Wine Soy Sauce and Grilled Green Onions 2011 … we both really liked this dish


American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin finished with Yuzu-pepper-miso sauce and slivered nori 2011… exact quote from nick “rarely eat beef, but wowsa!”

And 2012 saw the introduction of one of our favorite beverages at Walt Disney World…

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft Beer from Kirin

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft Beer from Kirin 2012

These little gems were not only pretty to look at, they were tasty too

These little gems were not only pretty to look at, they were tasty too 2012

Rack of lamb marinated in miso for three days... this was beyond fantastic with the sake

Rack of lamb marinated in miso for three days… this was beyond fantastic with the sake

And we’ve had some unusual things to eat… That’s part of the fun!


Kaisen Shrimp (cold water sea scallops & large shrimp, ground, mixed with edamama, then steamed) & Gisei Tofu (tofu quiche made with carrots, sauteed shitatke, sauteed kanpyo, green beans, and Japanese egg omelet) 2010


Butaniku no Ichiyazuke (pork loin marinated in miso, sake, and soy sauce for 1 night – then roasted) 2010… looks weird doesn’t it


Kajiki Maguro no Miso-ni (swordfish steaks slowly sauteed in miso and sake) 2010… this is a bit strange looking too

Hmm, there were quite a few strange things in 2010 <ha ha ha>


The strangest thing ever was the bisque hidden in this adorable little owl 2011…


Lobster Milk Consumme Chawan-mushi Style with Carrots, Potato, and Mitsuba 2011… like warm jello with lumps… our table mates liked it, us not so much

2012 didn’t see any memorable missteps with the food!

We’re eager to experience this again this year… Already booked in 🙂 Hooray!

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