Anticipation… The Tequila Lunch at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

While writing this, we are STILL WAITING to find out about the culinary demonstrations that open TOMORROW MORNING for Tables in Wonderland members… SIGH!

Anyway, this is about one of our favorite events during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival — Tequila Lunch at La Hacienda! We had preplanned to go to this event twice in 2013, and we were thinking that we were going to have to go by ourselves both times… Not so, now we’re going to have company with us both times <yay!>.

The three 100% Blue Agave Tequilas we'll be tasting (blanco, reposado, and anejo)

The three 100% Blue Agave Tequilas from 2012  (blanco, reposado, and anejo)

It’s important to note that this isn’t just a tequila tasting (you can do that at La Cava Del Tequila, or at least you’ve been able to in years past – again, not enough information at hand to be definitive), this is also a PAIRING of tequila with authentic Mexican Cuisine. The food is delicious, the tequilas are nice choices for the less experienced tequila drinker, and the service is top notch.

Grilled scallop

Grilled scallop

We’ve attended this event for each year that it’s been offered (the team at La Hacienda began this event in 2011). In 2011, we went to the Tequila Lunch with Al, Judy, and Al’s Big Sis – that was a blast. Al enjoyed it even though he doesn’t like tequila AND they were very accommodating of his shrimp allergy (they provided alternate food with NO exposure to shrimp or seafood, it all looked good!). The food was excellent and Al & Judy have said many times that they’d do this event again 🙂

The Rosita Margarita (this seems to have become the "signature" drink at La Hacienda)

The Rosita Margarita (this seems to have become the “signature” drink at La Hacienda)

Last year, we went alone – it was clear that the staff had taken notes in 2011 and made some improvements for 2012. This time, there were more empty seats than in 2011 – we think a couple of things caused this… 1) this event gets great reviews on the internet and 2) you should book this event ahead of time because of the popularity (this year, you can book the Tequila Lunch beginning on August 13th),  your travel plans may change and you can’t transfer your reservation. Regardless, we had a lovely time again in 2012…

So, we’re looking forward to this year’s events at La Hacienda, 🙂 going to have a wonderful time. The first visit will be shared with Lisa and Andy, they certainly know their wines but are both pretty new to thinking about tequila as a fine spirit – should be a lot of fun!


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