2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge – Earl of Sandwich – Italian Sandwich

From my first post about #2013eateachsandwich…

No, this isn’t something that Earl of Sandwich is doing, a 2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge, this is something that nora cooked up in late December… she wants to eat each sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney at least once in 2013, she’s even tweeting about it! (#2013eateachsandwich)

Well, Earl of Sandwich has picked up on the tweets and asked if anyone else is up to the Challenge… So far, I’m not seeing that anyone else is interested in it – oh well, I’m sticking to it!

Today’s entry is the Italian (again eaten at breakfast)…

“Salami, Capicola, Roasted ham, Mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and Italian dressing”

Earl of Sandwich - Italian - 2


Mini Review

Very good blend of salty and savory, the less intense mozarella is a good addition

Tomato is tasty, thank you Earl of Sandwich for using good tomatoes

Bread is undercooked by their standards (they made our sandwiches twice and they still weren’t satisfied), it was perfect by our standards

Good! (nick’s comment after a taste)

Dressing is slightly spicy (not hot spicy, just spicy like good italian dressing should be)

Would get this again, it’s the first time we’ve ever tried the Italian sandwich at Earl of Sandwich

Meat on the edges was crispy and quite yummy

Earl of Sandwich - Italian - 1


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