Looking back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during past holidays

While the decorations are lovely at all of the theme parks…

  • Magic Kingdom has the very traditional American details
  • Epcot has details from all over the world plus some modern/future touches
  • Animal Kingdom is very character oriented in the meet and greet area near Festival of the Lion King and naturalistic in all other areas

Disney’s Hollywood Studios seems to go over the top with whimsy and sheer delight in excess…

Here are some older photos (pre 2012) that I particularly like…

DHS Holiday Decor 2009 - 1

Nick took this photo in 2009 as an experiment in framing the shot – I love the effect – it really captures the feel of Hollywood and stardom

DHS Holiday Decor 2009 - 2

but this one might be even better (also from 2009), in that the rising starlet is framed in the shooting star of tinsel and lights

Fireman Santa Claus.JPG

Fireman Santa Clause – first of all, look how a traditional plastic Santa has been repurposed! secondly, this is just too damned cute (you have to really be looking up to see some of the less obvious decor at Hollywood Studios)

Getting Ready to Go Out on the Town.JPG

This lovely lady is getting ready to go out on the town. At one time, there were three or four of these “Christmas Tree Ladies” decorating the shop windows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They are no more…

Margarita Wreath.JPG

Margarita Wreath! I really thought that this element would be around for years… If I’m remembering correctly, it was only on display for one year (but I’m sure it would be easy to replicate at home with margarita glasses, green paint, and fake limes!)

Muppet Holiday Decor 2009 - 1

This swag needs more than one close look. It looks lovely with the large Christmas light bulbs…

Muppet Holiday Decor 2009 - 2

… which are actually “muppet” characters! So cool!

Muppet Holiday Decor 2009 - 3

… he looks a bit shocked to find himself on a swag attached to a banister way above the ground!

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