2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge – Earl of Sandwich – The Best BLT

Here’s the ninth installment of Eat Each Sandwich Challenge (#2013eateachsandwich)

Thus far, nora’s had…

Today’s entry is The Best BLT, we’re positive that we’ve had this one before – we both really enjoy a good BLT and nick particularly likes egg on his BLT.

The detailed description says “bacon, lettuce, tomato, seasoned mayonnaise” — not a very detailed description, but then again, this isn’t a very complicated sandwich.

Earl of Sandwich - The Best BLT

Earl of Sandwich – The Best BLT

This sandwich was very, very good.

Mini Review

Even though this sandwich was rather sloppily constructed (the mayonnaise was not well distributed which was a shame because it adds so much to the overall flavor and texture) and it wanted to just fall apart, it was a very good BLT.

The bacon on the sandwich was generous and the bacon flavor was simply bacon. None of that fancy schmancy “applewood” or “crushed black pepper” or anything else that tried to take simple, good bacon and turn into haute cuisine.

The lettuce and the tomato were also generous – nice blend of crispy lettuce and fresh roma tomatoes.

Excellent, would definitely order this again… if nora ever gets to the end of the list 🙂

Earl of Sandwich - The Best BLT - April 2013 - 2

Mouthwatering good…


  • The Earl’s Club
  • Tuna Melt
  • Veggie
  • Caprese
  • Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  • Chipotle Chicken Avocado
  • Holiday Turkey
  • Bacon, Egg ‘n’ Cheddar breakfast sandwich
  • Ham, Egg ‘n’ Cheddar breakfast sandwich
  • Ham ‘n’ Swiss breakfast sandwich
  • Breakfast BLT
  • Grilled Cheese just4kids
  • Pizza Sandwich just4kids
  • Turkey ‘n’ Swiss just4kids
  • Spring Special… The Cuban
  • Spring Special… BBQ Pork

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