Celebration Market Street Cafe

During Harry & Sandy’s recent visit, we took a ride over to Celebration for a nice relaxing lunch on a chilly afternoon…

nora’s chicken pot pie

Nora had the lovely chicken pot pie, the top crust was a nice puff of pastry, and the gravy was fine. There were plentiful vegetables but the chicken was rather scarce. She’d probably order it again, but there are numerous other things she’d like to try first.

nick’s meat loaf plate

Nick had the meat loaf with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Overall, his meal was better than nora’s.

Harry and Sandy both had the steak dinners. And the four of us split two desserts… well actually, Sandy, Nick, and Nora split the strawberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. Harry got the pecan pie with vanilla ice cream (he did share a few bites with Sandy and he offered to share with us… but he was enjoying it so much, we declined <smiles>).

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon with friends. We’ve had the breakfast at the Market Street Cafe a few times, and we’ve stopped in for dinner a time or two… in general, lunch = yes and dinner = yes. We’ll pass on breakfast here and go straight to Keke’s for pancakes!


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