Festival Center Tastings – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2012

We end up spending quite a bit of time in the Festival Center lately. Numerous reasons,

  • we have a lot of culinary demonstrations and beverage seminars,
  • it’s been bloody hot (hotter than the hinges of hell actually, so we aren’t inclined to take a stroll outside between events),
  • we’ve met Calvin and Kate for a few events (and all 4 of us are inclined to be early rather than late),
  • and nora can type up notes for posting between sessions.

So what does this have to do with anything at all?

We’ve been trying the offerings at the Festival Center “Intermission Cafe”

  • Red Wines
    • St Francis RED Splash $2.75 – nora says it’s okay, but not outstanding (but what do you expect for $2.75?)
    • The Seeker Pinot Noir $2.75 – this wine was more translucent than the Seeker Malbec – nick says it’s a little sweeter than the Seeker Malbec and he prefers it over the Malbec; nora says that it seems sour to her palate and she doesn’t care for it
    • The Seeker Malbec $2.75 – this wine was more opaque than the Seeker Pinot Noir – ┬ánick thought this was too dry and didn’t care for it; nora preferred it over the Pinot Noir
  • White Wines
    • The Seeker Sauvignon Blanc $2.75 – nora says it’s okay (had this with the super intense dark chocolate, didn’t finish the chocolate)
    • Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc $3.00 – nic didn’t like this
  • Dessert & Port
    • Croft Pink Porto on the Rocks $4.50 – we’ve had this numerous times, quite refreshing on a hot day, pretty doggoned tasty
    • Fonesca Bin 27 Port $4.25 – nic really liked this, he likes sweet wine and this was really sweet (he even ate it with that super intense dark chocolate and said the wine was much sweeter than the chocolate), he says it could be a replacement for dessert
  • Food
    • Fruit and Cheese Plate $5.75 – we didn’t get this, but Kate shared with us while we waited for our culinary demonstration with Kevin Dundon
  • Beer… only one option “Omission” – it’s very “eh”, next time he wanted a beer, nick went outside and got a pint of Yuengling instead

And from the Ghiradelli Chocolate place… Warm Drinking Chocolate!!

Liquid yummy… this could definitely be a bedtime treat!

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