Guest Trip Report – Our niece, Nevie, came to visit – day one

We recently had our niece come down for a visit. She hadn’t been to Disney World since we celebrated her 21st birthday. Since then, she graduated from college, went to Veterinary School and became a Veterinary Surgeon (yay! we’re proud of her)… She’s writing about her trip and you get a different perspective on the tours and meals (rather than listening to me natter on and on)…

Saturday September 20, 2014

My journey began at 5:30 am with a quick breakfast and a fast drive to the airport. A short, but turbulent, plane ride later, I found myself in Orlando, FL. I was happily greeted by Uncle Nick and we caught up on family gossip as we drove to the resort. Aunt & Uncle had rented out the connecting room next to them just for me. The view was amazing looking out over the water and I had my own private balcony.

After dropping off my luggage, we ventured to Downtown Disney for some drinks and food and shopping. Downtown Disney was under construction and kind of hard to maneuver through. We went to Splitsville, a bowling alley themed bar. There I met one of their favorite bartenders, Courtney. We all ordered Dream Machines which was a great start to my vacation. Also, I sampled the Gator Bite and Rum Runner (adult slushy), these were a bit too sweet for me. We munched on edamame and a fantasy roll. Both were very good and the roll had a great heat to it.

Next, we went to Raglan Road and I was finally able to have a drink there and eat. My last visit to Raglan Road was on my 21st birthday and I was unable to enjoy the bar and the food. The Irish pub at Downtown Disney is one of my favorite places and I ordered an Irish Cream Ale. We shared onion rings and Smoky City. The onion rings were very bland in my opinion. The Smoky City however was very flavorful and delicious.

We had one more beer (Michelob Ultra) before our car arrived and we went back to the resort. There Aunt Nora and I began crocheting and watching TV while Nick went to run some errands. Later, we ordered Chinese take away for dinner (lo mien, duck, dumplings, and dragon & phoenix). Everything was delicious but the duck and the lo mien were my favorites. We ended our first night early and I went to be to the sound of barking frogs on the balcony.

It was a great start to an amazing vacation.

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