2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge – Earl of Sandwich – The Caprese

#2013eateachsandwich challenge The Caprese - 02

It’s finally here, the “dreaded” Caprese

This is the 27th installment of Eat Each Sandwich Challenge (#2013eateachsandwich) …

Thus far, I’ve had…

#2013eateachsandwich challenge The Caprese - 04

the bread was VERY toasty

So, why was this the “dreaded” Caprese? The sandwich isn’t complicated… toasted  bread, sliced mozzarella, sliced roma tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, and basil leaves…   You see, it’s the fresh basil leaves; they taste like licorice or anise to me, that’s just yuck on a sandwich.

#2013eateachsandwich challenge The Caprese - 06

interior of Caprese Sandwich

The mozzarella looked very plentiful, so did the tomato (they were both clustered at the center of the sandwich).

Toasty bread & cold mozzarella

Toasty bread & cold mozzarella

The taste with the basil was okay, not something I’m in love with though. After that one bite, I removed the rest of the basil…

lucky me! only one piece of basil on the sandwich… if I liked basil, I'd be disappointed

lucky me! only one piece of basil on the sandwich… if I liked basil, I’d be disappointed

Okay! Once I got a nice bite with no basil and some tomato… that’s pretty darned tasty!

It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I doubt I’ll ever order it again…

BTW on this visit to Earl of Sandwich, Nick had his first Holiday Turkey Sandwich (he’d tasted mine earlier in the year) – his review “YUMMY but not as good as your (meaning me, nora) Thanksgiving leftover messes”

Only one sandwich left for me this year!!! The Holiday Ham sandwich, I think I’m going to save it until sometime in December (I’m writing this in mid-November) – I think a second visit with the Holiday Turkey sandwich is in order before the end of the year too… I can’t repeat the Avocado BLT (although I wish I could!), it was a seasonal specialty 🙁



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