#2013eateachsandwich FlipBoard Magazine

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about our June 30th FlipBoard magazine that has caused it have such high subscriber numbers (note: it doesn’t have the most page-flips at slightly over 20,000; that crown goes to the April 14th magazine with nearly 27,000 page flips)… You see, FlipBoard lets me know how many readers, how many page flips, and how many articles are in each magazine; at present they can’t tell me how many subscribers there are nor can they tell me if anything in particular is driving people to a magazine… They’re working on it… And I’m very appreciative of the time and effort that they’ve put into answering my questions, Thank You.

Anyway, I’ve created an incentive for some of you to go and get the FlipBoard app for your iPhone or iPad or Android device or even for your web browser (go to flipboard.com)….

Dunh Dunh Dunh!!

A FlipBoard Magazine Devoted Entirely to #2013eateachsandwich challenge @earlofsandwich.

I’ve even included reviews from EatingWDW!

Content will be added to this magazine as 2013 and the Challenge progresses along. SO! Subscribe to the magazine and then new content will show up in your cover-story area! Yay! You don’t have to do anything to check for changes… it’s automatic… 🙂

Nick's Avocado BLT from a couple of weeks ago

Nick’s Avocado BLT from a couple of weeks ago

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